Industrial & Petroleum Cleaning Products
From automotive manufacturing to cleaning membranes in reverse-osmosis plants, all of Z.I.'s chemicals are in full compliance with manufacturer's specifications.  Z.I. products are proven performers among a myriad of applications, including parts washing, high pressure and steam cleaning of heavy industrial and mining equipment, facilities and vehicles.  In the steel industry, Z.I. chemicals have solved the difficult task of cleaning coke ovens.
In the food processing industry, cleanliness is essential. Z.I. products are recommended for personal hygiene, as well as facility and production-line equipment cleaning.  These products are available in antiseptic versions and are U.S. Department of Agriculture listed.
Proper cleaning of both internal pipeline and exterior surfaces is critical in the petroleum industry.  Z.I.'s environmentally-safe chemicals provide super cleaning power for rig degreasing, pipeline maintenance, cutting wash for oil mud systems, and a wide range of other applications including oil slick dispersant and personnel hygiene.

Industrial & Petroleum Cleaning Products

Industrial degreaser for all general cleaning applications where safety and environmental friendliness are paramount.  Applications include rig degreasing, oil spill dispersant, pipeline maintenance, cutting wash for oil mud systems, storage tank cleaning, etc.

ZI-400 Oil Spill Dispersant
'EPA listed', ZI-400 is available for petroleum industry degreasing and open water oil spill applications worldwide.

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