Aircraft & Aerospace Cleaning Products

Z.I. aircraft cleaning products are preferred by commercial carriers the world over. Since these products are non-fuming, they are well suited for interior cleaning, too. Cleaning crews use Z.I. products with the assurance of effectiveness and safety on all aircraft surfaces.


ZI-400 is also used on cargo aircraft where corrosion inhibition is critical to the maintenance program.


Many Z.I. products are manufactured to strict military specifications. (See USAF Qualified Product List.). They are anti-corrosive and expressly formulated to clean aerospace and military aircraft equipment surfaces.


Z.I. products were used for cleaning Space Shuttle vehicles and their components. Z.I. is proud to have been a qualified supplier to this NASA program.

Aircraft & Aerospace Cleaning Products

ZI-400 HD Heavy Duty Aircraft Cleaner
A NEW heavy-duty version of our popular ZI-400 Anti-Corrosive Aircraft Cleanier product Ideal for averall aircraft cleaning with emphasis on landing gear, belly, and exhaust areas of the airframe. Meets all current specifications.

ZI-500 Aerospace Cleaning Compound
MIL Spec Aerospace Cleaning Compound for aircraft exterior and interior cleaning, as well as ground support equipment cleaning. Update of this product is pending USAF revision of specification to MIL-PRF-87937, Revision E. Final date unknown at present.

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