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About Us
Z.I. Chemicals was formed in 1980 as an exporting company. In the mid 1980's we began exporting industrial chemicals to the Middle East, and by the late 1980's we were manufacturing our own line of superior specialty chemicals. In 1990 Z.I. received from the United States Air Force our first manufacturing qualification (QPL) for ZI-400. In 1992 the Australian Department of Defense tested all known aircraft cleaning products and concluded that ZI-400 was superior to all others.
Also during the early 1990's many commercial airline companies began to recognize the cleaning effectiveness, anticorrosive properties and environmental safety of ZI-400 and started to switch from their old suppliers.
In the late 1990's new military specifications for cleaning materials required compatibility with polyamide insulated wires. This forced manufacturers to lower the pH of their cleaning solutions to well below 10.0 in order to comply. Since mid 1998 ZI-500 has been formally approved under all major specifications, including Boeing, Douglas, SAE/AMS and the new MIL-PRF-87937C military specification (also adopted by Boeing). Chem.jpg

Because of our strong reputation in the field of anticorrosive cleaners, United Space Alliance (NASA's ground operations company) contacted us in late 1997, and now we are the Prime Contractor supplying ZI-400 for Space Shuttle maintenance.

We are proud of our record of working closely with customers to solve their cleaning problems. One such example was when a major airline needed an anticorrosive cleaner that would not run off of vertical landing gear surfaces quickly. As a result of this request we now offer ZI-400-HV, high viscosity version, at no extra cost. landgear2.jpg

Z.I. Chemicals' products are formulated to provide effective cleaning while meeting or exceeding environmental standards for today and tomorrow. 

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, including research and development to solve problems our customers bring to us. We invite you to experience first-hand our excellent products and personalized customer service.

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